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Effective July 1, 2022, the video presentations on CCAP’s MCLE website no longer qualify for participatory MCLE credit due to changes the California State Bar has implemented for MCLE Providers.

MCLE video presentations filmed within the last five years and posted on this website will now qualify for self-study MCLE credit. (Rules of State Bar, rules 2.51(G), 2.83(A), For each MCLE compliance period, an attorney may claim up to 12.5 hours of self-study credit. (Rules of State Bar, rules 2.72(B)(2)(a), 2.83.) For self-study MCLE credit, attorneys are responsible for keeping track of their own time. The State Bar provides a template for logging your MCLE credit hours here:

We have also included a number of videos that were filmed over five years ago that address timeless foundational appellate practice matters. Any training posted on this website that was not filmed within the last five years will not qualify for self-study MCLE credit. We have labeled these videos with the disclaimer "No longer qualifies for MCLE credit."

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The purpose of this training site is to facilitate free user-friendly online training to enhance and develop the knowledge base, practice skills, and research/writing skills of Court Appointed Counsel (CAC) practitioners. If you are currently a member of a CAC panel and need access to the site, contact us by email at, providing your full name, State Bar number, and which panel(s) you are currently a member of. (We're very sorry, but we are currently permitting access only for active CAC panel attorneys.)

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